Mopidy-Podcast is a Mopidy extension for browsing and playing podcasts.

This extension lets you browse podcasts distributed as RSS feeds and play individual episodes in a variety of audio formats. Podcasts are mapped to albums, while podcast episodes are shown as tracks in Mopidy, with metadata converted to Mopidy’s native data model where applicable. OPML 2.0 subscription lists and directories are also supported for multi-level browsing.

To use this extension, you first need a way to access podcasts from Mopidy:

  • If you are already using a podcasting client, chances are that it supports exporting your subscribed feeds as an OPML file. Simply store this file in the location pointed to by podcast/browse_root to access your favorite podcasts from Mopidy.

  • Since OPML is a simple XML format, it is also feasible to create your own, using an XML or text editor of your choice. OPML also supports linking to other OPML files, both locally and on the Web, so this even allows creating your own meta directory pointing to podcast collections from the BBC,, and other sources:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <outline text="TED Radio Hour" type="rss" xmlUrl="" />
        <outline text="BBC Radio Podcasts" type="include" url="" />
        <outline text=" - Python" type="include" url="" />
  • If your client supports entering Mopidy URIs for playback and browsing directly, just prefix the feed URL with podcast+ to make sure it is not treated as an audio stream:

    mpc add "podcast+"
  • Last but not least, you can install Mopidy-Podcast-iTunes, a companion extension to Mopidy-Podcast, to browse and search podcasts on the Apple iTunes Store.